What is EPR

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR):

Extended Producer Responsibility means the responsibility of a producer for the environmentally sound management of the product until the end of its life, which is also known as EPR in common language. Under the 2016 plastic waste management rule and successive amendments, the Government of India has mandated Extended Producer Responsibility for plastic waste on the producers, importers, and brand owners (i.e., PIBOs) who introduce plastic waste into the system.

“Producer”: entity engaged in manufacturing of plastic packaging material
“Importer”: entity or person engaged in import of such material
“Brand owner”: entity or person who sells any commodity packed in plastic under a registered brand label

Under the EPR, PIBOs are made responsible for minimizing the generation of plastic waste, taking steps to stop littering, ensuring source segregation and proper storage of segregated waste at the source, and channelling the same segregated waste to recycling facilities with the engagement of local bodies or agencies authorized by local bodies.

Under EPR, PIBOs shall work out modalities for a waste collection system based on EPR and channelization of the collected waste to recycling facilities involving State Urban Development Departments, either individually or collectively, through their own distribution channel, through a different Waste Management Agency, or through the local body concerned.

Why Enviro Neutrality

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Plastic & E-Waste Management

Rules and Regulations


PWM Amendment Rules


Plastic Waste 5th amendment management rules


4th Amendment (EPR guidelines)


Plastic Waste Management (Third Amendment ) Rules


Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, (First Amendment)

Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, (Second Amendments)


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